The Estate

Renosterbos Estate where uninterrupted ocean views compliment the surrounding Outeniqua Mountain range. Enveloped by nature, this unique upmarket offering includes a selection of private residences, a retirement village component including luxury retirement apartments as well as assisted living with frail care facilities.

Fynbos farm-style architecture is celebrated paying homage to the natural surrounds with properties carefully positioned to optimize northern views and sun exposure. The sun-drenched slopes of Hartenbos make it a preferred destination to welcome you to your new-found freedom while enjoying the offerings of the Garden Route.


Contact Details:

Renosterbos Estate Office

Tel: 044 250 0031

Duan Conradie

Tel: 083 337 2465

Vernette Wessels

Tel: 082 766 1705


Renosterbos Estate,
Vyf Brakke Fonteinen No 220,
Hartenbos, Garden Route

Disclaimer: Concept drawings – subject to change